Texada Software

Texada Software offers cloud-based software applications for equipment rental companies, equipment dealerships, construction companies, general contractors, and construction or industrial equipment operators.

Texada’s product suite manages the entire equipment lifecycle, including equipment purchasing; rental and sales transactions; inventory location, utilization, maintenance and depreciation tracking; used equipment sales and disposals analysis; and inventory replenishment analysis.

All solutions are designed to maximize efficiency, productivity and revenue. Texada uses its 25+ year history to continue to innovate and re-invent its products to positively impact its current and future customers.

Texada is the provider of industry-leading asset management technology.

Mobile field service and logistics management platform

Complete management software for scaling rental businesses

Cloud-based software application designed to maximize productivity for rental businesses

A dashboard for business intelligence, analytics and reporting

An online store and mobile e-commerce app for customers and sales teams